Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Armchair Blogeneral: Things are going down and up - and they should be going up and down!!!

This is intolerable. It is caused by Fools.

Ministers of State: We have not used the word "robust" for some time now, you will note. We have not called for the introduction of "robust measures", for instance, for some months now.

Armblog General: Aha! Your measures are to be as flimsy as the Circumstance itself?

Ministers of State: We will make some things bigger and others smaller. The bigger things must be biggened, the smaller smallened, or vice versa, partly in consequence of the Circumstance and partly in counter to it.

Blogchair Blogeral (shrewdly): Your method, then, is one of Sympathetic Magic: to "cure like with like" by continuing to do exactly what you had been doing, as one must rub a toad onto the face of one who has had a toad rubbed onto his face?

Ministers of State: It is a matter of both Faith and Science. "Christ on a Bike" is our watchword.


And on top of all this we have a milkman for a Foreign Secretary.

What what?

Milligan??? He was surely one of those Go-Ons.


Ohara said...

Ooo I do like to see a lot of unnecessary capitals littering a paragraph. It's so AA Milne

Chertiozhnik said...

e e cummings was a bit of a letdown in that respect.

What do the A A in Milne and the e e in cummings stand for?

Alan Alexander
Edward Estlin

Four easy points in the Pub Quiz from Hell.

Ohara said...

Yeah, well if I'm ever in hell... I'm sure pub quizzes are on the agenda.