Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Blogista: Hey, Ricky, nice place.

Wagner: Sank you for suggestink zat ve built ze extra deep pit for trumpeters at ze back. Zis vay zey can play lout vizout disturbink neighbourhood.

Blogista: Sure, but...

Wagner: My friendt, I did vot you tolt me, and now I haff beautiful orchestra. Sank you.


Blogista: Sure. But I'm here to sell you... jug, banjo, kazoo combo, imagine...

Wagner: Chugg???? Kazoo??? Vot is?

Blogista: Is Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers, is all.

Wagner: But...

Blogista: Were I able to find, say, their "Springdale Blues" on a free rip-off mp3, then you would begin to appreciate their majesty. Meanwhile, walk right in, and build y'theatre with the kazoo in mind.

Wagner: I vill no.

Blogista: Your loss.


Ricardo, I'm just sayin, these jug players might be the future.

Zey ken make ze zeatr rumple to ze openink strains off -- Rheingold?

Babes, deeper than deep, bass jugs, they can blow the house down. Opp... kay, stick with the scrapy things, we both gotta consider the insurance
, right?


YesBut said...

The trouble with all those German composers - no imagination

Wagner, just went on and on with his Ring Cycle.
The Beatles, now they were musical geniuses, every song sounded different; but Wagner all his songs were the same - when did he have a hit in the top twenty?

Chertiozhnik said...

He persisted, and that's a virtue in itself. Amazing to think that verdi was turning out his muck at the same time(ish).