Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I am informed by a recent correspondent, one Flossie Purvis, by way of unsolicited "e" mail, that "All hotties love big shlongs".

Going through, as I have been, my voluminous (and what other word properly applies to a library?) library, as indeed it is, I have been unable to find any referen

But other projects intervene.

Perhaps one day the truth will be known.


Mad Dog said...

Never mind the shlongs. Books are ultimately much more satisfying. The ones pictured look wonderful (Oh Lord, I sound so old...!).

YesBut said...

I see you've got all the best sellers - circ 1756

Chertiozhnik said...

A library of shlongs would be a terrible thing indeed.

Interestingly, the computer dating site I joined recently would appear to be an eExactlythat.

Just another broken spine, me.