Thursday, 3 January 2008


On the supermarket shelf: Brut, Lynx, Cool Water, Aramis, Denim...

Blogista: Perhaps an Eau de Cologne? 4711?

Shelf: Naaah shove orft nuffink for old codgers ere.

Blogista: Sigh.


Mad Dog said...

Chertz: If you really have any of those products please dump them right away. They are pedestrian, mainstream, fragrances designed for twenty somethings (or maybe teenagers learning to shave). Get yourself up to Penhaligon's in Covent Garden and buy something dignified and mature. And while you are t it, the Opera just around the corner.

PS I can't guarantee you'll pull the birds but you will smell a lot more interesting.

Chertiozhnik said...

Somebody did buy me a can of Lynx a few years ago, which went in the bin pronto.

Penhaligon's! Happy hours. And the Opera! Happier still.

But this was Tesco in Hove. I settled for some own-brand coal tar soap, which is pleasingly flowery and gets the dirt off.

YesBut said...

There should be a warning on the bottle -

Warning, the product should not be applied to the testicles as it shrivels your balls

Chertiozhnik said...

To the size of the wearer's mind, which is fitting somehow.