Saturday, 12 January 2008

Surely Not

The Blog Readability Test
and sneaky-deaky way of getting a loan ad posted
[href="">Payday Loans] if you cut'n'paste the suggested HTML

has me down as
which explains the paucity of my readership: so few, these rarefied intellects!

Mr. Xoggoth gets a

so the whole thing is obviously a lot of poo really.

But it is one of the Eternal Stupidities that one is less critical of even the most blatant rubbish when one comes well out of it.


x said...

You are being conned Mr C, I put mine in and got genius. One suspects it is random. Anyway, mine is clearly superior to yours.

Chertiozhnik said...

We shall have to have a Superior Genius contest.

My real name is Raoul, I am the finest swordsman in France, and I go nowhere without my thigh-length jackboots, dogwhip, white shirt with ruffly ruffles, and rose (with thorns, of course)ready to be clenched between my teeth.

In a small airline bag in case the need ever arises.

Not that it ever has.