Friday, 8 May 2009

The Atheist Militant...

...alone on a vast and empty battlefield, wielding his razor and shouting "Well then come and get me you bastards."

Prof Sir Spit Or Swallow Dawkins did once upon a televisionary programme try to tear a second arsehole into the entirely harmless Mr Russell Grant Purveiour of Horoscopoes.

Mr Grant might have said "Fuck off you're just another DNA replicator" but he didn't. Or a simple and decorous "Fuck off " would have sufficed.

Do any of my readers feel that the phrase "to tear sb another (or it may be "a second") arsehole" is neither translatable into French nor surgically feasible*? Answers only from notyetstruckoff proctologists and/or native French-speakers, please.

* rulez: no plastic tubes valves bypasses bags or other honky-tonk allowed: it has to be a functioning second arsehole w/structural considerations considered. Responses in Tibetan, Swahili &c will not be considered.

Readers (suspicious): Lot of considering going on here.

Panelista (or pohaps Boardista but certainly not some lone and therefore suspect Blogista): Yes indeedy. For what can exist in this world except that it has been considered by a Panel or Board on your behalf or in exceptional circumstances by a Committee of Enquiry?

Readers: What Panel (or Board) would that be, then?

Blogista: Why the Panel (or Board ) of ,or perhaps for, Arseholes.

Readers: I'd go for "for", otherwise it will only sound ridiculous.


Readers: Did you say Enquiry?

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OHara said...

I dunno but it's a good saying. I can only hope for the day I get a chance to say it - if I was a man and a vigilante... what fun I might have.