Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What Are Cro-Magnons For We Ask

K 4 4 u ---

1) After 40000 years we have created a cartoon singing hippo and a cartoon dog that has some smoov moovs #### lk @ is bom.


3) "Cro-Magnon", wtf does that mean? I could be "Cro-Modern" or maybe "ironically post-Magnon"?

4) The Neanderthals never achieved this because they sucked. And died. And in the morning you're just another hit'n'run.

Linky here. Or just search on YouTube for "Singing Hippo", and don't ask me why I did.

5) Wallace'n'Gromit rip-offs but with defective lip-synch. And there was I saying there were only 4).


OHara said...

I think 2 says it all. F' all.

Anonymous said...

Chertiozhnik is the very model of a modern magnon gentleman.

Chertiozhnik said...



And I am indeed Mr. A the spirit of magnonamity. Call round for lunch and you will have your fill of magnon-wurzels.