Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Real Name

My real name is Oliphant Oliphant Oliphant.

Any jokes about the missionary recently come back from Africa having had his membrum virile magically transformed to the the size and flexibility of an elephant's trunk and having to explain at a Christian Ladies' tea party that it isn't so much that it's stealing all the buns but where it's putting them etc are unwelcome.

Much as I loathe Prof. Fraud and all his works... gotta admit that all male humour from age 5 to about 50 or so seems to be about unfeasibly (and a tip of th'tiplo hat to Viz magazine for one of the few useable 'buzz'words to have come out of the last two centuries or so*) unfeasibly large and/or prehensile penises.

* as a special birthday tribute to Viz magazine, one for their regular "Up The Arse" journalistic photo-feature.

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