Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Unexamined Life

Oh Lordy, I am such a dullard these days.

I need a hobby.


YesBut said...

Brilliant LOL & again LOL

Is he pumping up her breasts?

Mad Dog said...

And I thought it was just me that claimed my 20 kilo, work-supplied, Dell laptop was a "lack of Inspiron".

Glad to see you are building a Terminatrix. You've got to find a healthy hobby in Croydon (political diatribes don't count). Perhaps she can sort out out the local Chavs a la "Your clothes -give them to me now..." (said in heavy Austrian accent). Here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEW-xFyBiJs

Chertiozhnik said...

Pumping up her breasts? Yes but what impropriety.

You notice he has stuck a bit of clingfilm over th'exposed mammary

Decency is the word.

Chertiozhnik said...

I have my steam-driven lappytoppy from Dell right here in front of me as I write, Mr MD.

Works fine as long as I don't try to disconnect it from the central heating system and carry it anywhere.

I've tried the excellent Terminator line and got lightly knifed in the belly. Must be a better way.