Sunday, 9 December 2007

Your One Stop Wimoweh Shop

Here are the Tokens... [edit 08 November 2008 - YouTube now have the Tokens singing a completely poo version of this song, so substitute Gene Chandler singing "Duke of Earl". The Tokens totally lose.]

and here a brilliant Boer couple, Piet and Tonny Kamper, who totally swing it rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Karl Denver Trio yodel valiantly while time bears its sons away (and the sweater girls who appear at 01:05:45:18 or thereabouts)

Bert Kaempfert and the Kriegsmarine bring this to your local elevator (pity, but this is the one your louche Aunt, whom the family won't talk about ever, loved)

while the Kingston Trio, after a little light backchat, give a spirited account

The Edlos, from the Bay Area... cutie alert (I don't mean the bloke in the hat)...

The Flying Pickets have also covered Wimoweh, but this is "Only You" because it reminds me of losing the only woman I ever really loved in 1983, and also Deirdre and Catherine in short order after that. And Gillian.

I have Brian Eno's "Wimoweh" on the original 45 in store somewhere in Fulham. I hope.

Nobody's Friend for all your Wimoweh / Mbube needs.

Box Dancers Everywhere: We've broken an ankle and torn a ligament, but thank you thank you thank you.

Blogista: My pleasure.

Box Dancers Everywhere: It's the way you can swing your hip on the offbeat at the third corner, and wave your hands in the air when...

Blogista: Really, don't mention it.

And Jackie.

Let's get echt.

I mean really echt.

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