Thursday, 21 February 2008


You may get to touch her if your gloves are sterilised
Poly Styrene & X-Ray Spex 1978

readers: you sully auld foool
bloginionator: "do the standing still" still speaks to me
readers: not in the same way tho, you're just standing still

bloguclear reactor: i give you that
blogexual pervert: but
blass blurderer: i haint finisht yet (thinks: blogitler, blenin, blalin, blao... blastro..?)

I'll head down to the Blog Centre. I'm bound to get a blog. Blog Cleaner, I can to that.

Authentic Street Cries of Old Blogdon:

Won't you hire, won't you hire a sad old toper?

Won't you buy, o won't you buy my sweet tulip pies?

God has smelt me.


OHara said...

Polly is not a patch on Beki Bondage.

Mad Dog said...

From the same era I'd go with Siouxie:

x said...

sweet tulip pies? Not a CUK reader?

Chertiozhnik said...

CUK reader? Contractor UK? Nope, I am a temp, not a Contractor. And please don't tell me that "sweet tulip pies" is some kind of a cliche. I couldn't bear to have 'invented' a cliche. Bit like saying everything two times over. Which I have started doing. Which etc.

Siouxie completely. Beki Bondage, bit after my time. When was my time? Bit like th'Lympics, it is coming down to microseconds making a difference.

Time for a bit of Youthfulness on this here Citizen's Journal. Time for etc.

Chertiozhnik said...

"sweet tulip pies", "god has smelt me" and - surprisingly - "sad old toper" have 1 entry each on Google, from viz myself.

A 'googlewack' being two words without ""s and only one entry on Google - your own - I repeat the experiment without ""s.

sweet tulip pies = 345,000
god has smelt me - 395,000
sad old toper - 198,000

Topers - unpopular as always.

inarticulate harridan = 1 hit
illiterate harridan = 9 hits
innumerate harridan = 0 hits
intemperate harridan = 1 hit
so evidently my ex-wife isn't putting it about so much these days.

Chertiozhnik said...

"That's because she's happy" = 4 hits

I knew you'd say that.