Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Polish Plumber

No surprise that Polish Plumbers have become such figures of contempt in our fine country.

Why, they are paid more than Members of Parliament!

Polish Plumbers can claim £22,000 a year from the taxpayer to pay their mortgages on a little place in Dolphin Square while our MPs often sleep on the street in cardboard boxes between sessions of Parliament.

Polish Plumbers can claim £20 a day from the taxpayer in expenses for food without providing any receipt. MPs have to pay their own way.

Polish Plumbers, if they prove to be unusually incompetent and corrupt, are moved off to fat jobs in the European Commission. Our MPs have no such recourse.

Polish Plumbers have no actual plumbing to do, it is all done for them by various agencies of the European Union. That is why they are constantly breaking into your home and making trivial and damaging changes to your plumbing. MPs are fully occupied in great and useful tasks.

Polish Plumbers have an average IQ of 37, no honesty at all, and display a complete lack of common sense. They have no loyalty whatever to their own country and people, viz Poland and the Poles. They are liars, knaves and timeservers. MPs are cut of a different cloth.

Švejk is Czech, but it is a nice drawing.

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