Saturday, 14 July 2007


Scientists have found.

Honestly, readers, you're better off dead.

Readers: Sure?

Blogista: Yup.

Readers: Really sure?

Blogista: Hunnert poicent. Scients hav foun.

Readers: Boo hoo we don't want to die.


A SCIENTIFIC TEST, brought to you by BBC:

A businessman is riding (steady, Mr. X, innuendo has no place in this SCIENTIFIC test) the subway (fnurk).

After a hard (this is your last warning) day on the job (you want to push it all the way up to DEFCOM 9? Okay, push it, pal)

Where were we? Oh yes

Anyhowses, a young man axes th'businessman, call me a doctor, call me a doctor

And th'businessman axes why do I call you a doctor, an as because you are sick (you have to overlook the fact that they are in a subway, so he cannot call a doctor anyway)?

And the young man replies, no, I just graduated from medical school



If you are not laughing hard by now you are either a) old or b) dead.


Please do not reply to this Scientific Knowledge because you are either a) old or b) dead or c) not a Scientist. Okay?


Well Known Fact:

Words with a "K" in them are funny. Without a "K" they are not funny.

"Knackwurst" is funny.

"Sausage" is not funny.

"The authors say the finding should be taken seriously as laughing has been linked to health benefits such as boosting circulation."


x said...

I expect this finding will stand for at least a year before the complete opposite is irrefutably proved.

I still can't get over the recent finding that eating diary products is good for you and prevents heart attacks.

Chertiozhnik said...

I cheered decades ago when I first saw Sleeper, Woody Allen waking way in the future and being told that cigarettes are a vital health product. I still live in hope, despite the wheezing and hacking.