Sunday, 15 July 2007

Valentine Tanks

An Australian mathematician has come up with an Optimal Lurve Procedure, aka the "12 Bonk Rule".

This involves making a checklist of desirable qualities, going through 12 lovers testing each one against the list, then getting serious from number 13 onwards.

Nothing like a properly tested Procedure.

"Darling, d'you think it's too early in our relationship to calibrate?"

At my age and given my recent scoring averages, I'll be in a Zimmer frame before I've got through the test batch. So I'll stick with the "1 Bonk Rule", the next gal to put out gets me for life.

The picture shows a division of Valentine tanks, because my love life is tanking. Geddit? GSOH essential, what what?

Own hair and teeth.


x said...

Think I just about made 13. (Only counting the free ones that is) Which was the darling wife of course. Ahem.

Chertiozhnik said...

Of course.

My go at Serious ended in divorce, so it's back to square one and start over.

I remember as a kiddy going to Carisbrooke Castle, IOW, and being fascinated by the donkey on the treadmill there.

Why does that suddenly come to mind?

x said...

It's ok to fancy donkeys. You should be proud. No really.

Chertiozhnik said...

They're clean, docile, don't bray all that often, and are cheap to keep.

Wives, though...

Tip of th'tiplo hat to Mr. X.