Friday, 13 July 2007

A Few Inches More

"Some Eurosceptics of course hope that the challenge of informing citizens and engaging citizens about and in such a complex issue as a treaty can be turned into a weapon that can kill further European integration." (Margot Wallstrom to the EU Parliament)

Like it is complicated or something: should we surrender our democracy, Parliament and independence as a Nation, without a referendum?

My countrymen understood the proposition well enough to fight and die for it (referendum be damned) while Ms. Wallstrom's were selling Mr. Hitler the iron ore he needed to keep his Integration in existence.

"We are all obliged to inform, to engage, to debate, to discuss with citizens all over Europe"... while those calling for a referendum are of course only trying to muddy the waters.

"Remember that, less than a year ago, the Constitutional Treaty or the idea of having a new treaty was declared dead, on life support or in a coma. And now we are discussing a ratification procedure coming up very soon."

Ohhhh so the treaty of the moment isn't just a little tidying-up treaty after all, and a whole procession of Government Ministers have been lying to us. Gawrsh.

"I assume that Members of [the EU] Parliament do not consider parliamentary ratification less democratically legitimate than referenda."

One might equally consider a referendum no less democratically legitimate than parliamentary ratification. Only including a smaller admixture of barefaced liars.


Bart said...

I really have no idea what's going on lately in Brit politics. I need to get abreast again. I've become such a stereotypical secularized American in a very short period of time.

Chertiozhnik said...

The way things are going, I'd like to become a stereotypical secularized American too.

Where's the instruction leaflet?