Wednesday, 25 July 2007

It's That Referendum Again

The Referendum List started up today to canvass MPs to support a referendum on the Not-A-Constitution, and publish the replies online.

Meanwhile Open Europe has published

- a translation of the "treaty" [PDF link]

- a comparison of what British politicians claim it is, and what everybody else in Europe says it is [PDF link]

and lots of other good stuff.

The petition at the 10 Downing Street website has reached 15,623 signatures, up 1,279 on last week.

The petition to make Jeremy Clarkson the Prime Minister only has 13,846 signatures, up 369 on last week.


The preamble to the "treaty" has some touchy-feely stuff inserted...

"Inspired by Europe's cultural, religious and humanist heritage, from which have developed the universal values constituted by the inviolable and inalienable rights of the person, as well as liberty, democracy, equality and the rule of law"

If they mean the heritage of liars, bagmen, tinpot Machiavels, dictators, carpet knights, opportunists, place-seekers, surrender-merchants, careerists, arselickers, anti-democrats, more liars, et caetera usque ad nauseam, well, yes, there have been plenty of those, and the Europoliticians follow proudly in their tradition.

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