Sunday, 15 July 2007

Cave Canem

I loved this picture -



from a photoset of Gorenka in the Ukraine, via Neeka's Backlog.

Her photoset of Kozyn includes a picture of a yellow Lada, which reminded me of this one I took in the village of Razdol'noe, near Donetsk.

I wish I could stop pining for the Ukraine. It is getting to be an obsession, as if it had always been my real homeland, and I recognised it for the first time when I went there in January.


x said...

I have only a vague idea where the Ukraine is. Sort of left of Bulgaria and along a bit is it? Anyway, how could you want to leave lovely Brighton? It has a pier and a Gay Sealife Centre and a place that rewinds washing machine motors and all sorts of good stuff.

Chertiozhnik said...

But there isn't any unpronounceable food, and I haven't seen anyone drinking cognac at teatime.

The Clapboard Regency style has nothing on Kruschev (or Brezhnev) Housing Block.

The heart has it's reasons.