Friday, 10 August 2007

Arthouse (2)

1976, and a late night double feature picture show at the Cambridge Arts Cinema: Warhol/Morrissey's "Flesh for Frankenstein" and "Blood for Dracula".

"Frankenstein" is just revolting Grand Guignol, so I liked it a lot, but "Dracula" is a classic.

The Count, finding the cupboard bare in Romania, leaves home for Italy, where his title is bound to impress, and the girls are certain to be virgins. There he battens onto the impoverished Marchese di Fiori, who has four daughters, two of whom seem to be marriage prospects. The eldest is not interested in men, the youngest is only fourteen.

Sadly for Dracula, the two middle daughters have both been ravished by the estate's handyman, and their tainted unvirginal blood makes him very sick indeed. The handyman 'saves' the youngest daughter in the nick of time.

There is a good deal of socialism vs. free market debate, bad acting and stylish decor along the way.

"Frankenstein" is 1973, "Dracula" 1974. "Cabaret", with its sinister Master of Ceremonies, is from 1972. And "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is 1975.

They must have been putting something in the zeitgeist.

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