Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Poke on the pig, make it big.

You know how the internet works.

Your job this week, e-Nibelungen, is to suggest reasons why words like "nestled" and "embosomed" DO NOT apply to this phootoo.

Thank you to Mad Dog for the idea.

Idea? -he asks - and so no doubt do you.


Okay, I admit it isn't a competition at all, just a passing brainstorm. Madness, madness.


Mad Dog said...

IMHO "nestled" and "embosomed" are a little too cute for the purpose of describing a formerly industrial town. "Sequestered" and "ensconced" may be a bit more appropriate but I'm not sure -hell, I'm just a dull old immunologist so what do I know about words?

BTW, Marilyn, I can see your house from here...

Chertiozhnik said...

I too was looking for some better words but didn't come up with any. And I'm not about to break into poetry, to the great benefit of the World.

A little wave to Marilyn from me too.