Thursday, 16 August 2007

Competition Time Again

Three words this time and no silly ones...




Make of them a sentence, poem, lyric, story, whatever you're inspired to.

And if, starting with these three words, you end up with a seven-novel epic that sweeps Harry Potter from the face of the planet, you will have done the world a great service.

Judging next Wednesday. I will be channelling the spirit of Judge Roy Bean, the Law West of the Pecos, whose judgin' equipment included a law book, a revolver, a pet bear and a bottle of whisky.


x said...

Was that sippin' whisky or drinkin' whisky?

Chertiozhnik said...

Probably made-in-the-shed-behind-the-courtroom swallowing whisky. Not the most genteel of places.

Chertiozhnik said...

I won! At last.