Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Peasants' Revolt

: With a bit of a clever script you could suck the whole of the internet into a single post. Just think of that! A one-click encyclopaedia! Science, the Arts, Music both Ancient and...

Blogista: Even the... naked ladies?

Readers: I don't know why we ever trusted you.


x said...

Your readers are quite right. For a mere £50,00 up front I will write you such a script. Only another £50k for all the naked ladies and naked anything else that takes your fancy.

x said...

I meant £50,000, in fact I am sure I put £50,000 but your mean spirited comment thing chopped a nought off the end.

Chertiozhnik said...

Alas I was deposed in 1399 and died in Pontefract Castle.

I didn't get a red-hot poker up me bum. Phew.

But that still doesn't make me an Authorised Signatory.