Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Resistance Is Useless?

An odd and usually unspoken assumption on the part of the EUphobes (and m'self included) is that a referendum on the Not-A-Constitution would result in a majority No vote.

In the last fifteen years apathy and cynicism have come to dominate the electoral process. Turnouts for General elections are at the lowest since 1918, European elections are a washout.

Voting won't change anything, they're all the same, they'll do whatever they want anyway. And so on.

Add to that the suspicion that no EU government could possibly be less competent than HMG.

One wonders, how many people would actually turn out for Parliament and Crown?

The petition for a referendum has gained 780 votes on the last week, taking it limping to the #10 slot on the 10 Downing Street charts. It has gained twice as many as the petition to make Jeremy Clarkson the Prime Minister, now trailing at #13.

A glance at the charts shows where the action is. Photographers, horsey types, petulant engineers. Student loans, the bloody Olympics...

Three of the top ten concern the welfare of servicemen, which is admirable.

But... how many people would turn out to vote Yes - because they do most of their business in the EU, their jobs depend on it, it's Europe or America(boo), because they're "Europe-minded"?

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