Thursday, 9 August 2007


It really was better in the 1970s.

You will watch me drool slowly and toothless onto the toasts afloat my bumper of burnt sack and say, why old man, every passing generation says the same, it was better in your own young days. The days passed, and it is the same..? Well, young fellow:

#1 You wait and wait to rubberneck Jordan's norks. You would not know what a nork was if it poked you in th'eye.

#2 The device called Television is purely and only destructive. See "thermobaric" f'ranother f'rinstance. Terrifying, except a bomb is just a bomb.

#3 Here is Ms. Morgan in a clip from a Fellini film, "Casanova"
(1976), which you have not seen.


OHara said...

Has her body been elongated or are they real?
Damn. Today don't know they're born. Can you imagine the youth of today putting up with real?

Chertiozhnik said...

My research department (ahem) tell me, yes, they are real. On the other hand she has a Waist Hip Ratio of 0.89, which is disappointingly manly.

Jordan's norks are mere pimples by comparison. I didn't realise they were silicone, or that she'd had several goes at it. Imagin the scar tissue. Eewww.

I loved your description, "One self-obsessed, irrelevant, attention-craving titantic tit beast marries one self-absorbed, grotesque, tail-wagging arse." Very c17th - vituperation is an art.

OHara said...

Yes - very accurate I thought.
vit.... a what?
Another word I had to look up.

Thanks for the education ;)

I told you - put the dictionary down and pick up a comic book. I can recommend several.

Chertiozhnik said...

Well, "slagging off" then - but "vituperation" is so much more vvvicious and vvviperish.

Chertiozhnik said...

I wasn't allowed comics or TV as a child, which is why I have grown up so abnormal. I shun the daylight, and prowl at night terrifying passing Brightonians with m'polysyllables.

Except when they're blagging my wallet, of course.

OHara said...

I shun the daylight, and prowl at night terrifying passing Brightonians with m'polysyllables.

Hahahaha. Now that would make an excellent comic book character.
Just needs a good name.
Come to think of it - that's almost Terry Pratchet'ish.